Mission Statement

Providing powerful investment opportunities that transform individuals and communities on national and international scales

 Executive Summary

Enhydris Private Equity, Inc. (EPE) is a C-Corporation incorporated in Nevada on August 3rd, 2012, and has offices in the United States and the Philippines. The executive management of EPE is composed of recognized experts in the fields of science, technology, and healthcare. Furthermore, EPE has strong working relationships with leading experts in the fields of finance and intellectual property rights. Enhydris Private Equity, Inc. pursues a venture capital investment strategy and seeks to buy large stakes in start-up companies developing revolutionary new technologies, or operating in emerging markets. While not limited to one particular economic sector, EPE, Inc. focuses primarily on finding promising new technology companies in the fields of biotechnology, robotics, and software programs for mobile devices. Our fund is also actively engaged in building a group of companies located throughout the Philippines.

Business overview

Enhydris Private Equity, Inc. invests primarily in high growth/high risk technology companies seeking to develop products that will radically alter the way humans live, interact with the world, and with each other. The fund is tailored to appeal to individuals that would like to start investing in high growth technology companies, but lack the expertise to do so on their own. Our experts screen a large number of candidate companies to find the best possible technologies that are in early stages of development. As such, we aid in the process of bringing novel technologies through the research and development phase, and into the commercialization phase of their lifecycle.


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